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Every​one Deserves A Marvelous Touch

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service and pleasurable experience with an unforgettable touch. Whether our clients have acute or chronic pain that needs managing, or simply looking for a relaxing escape, we are committed to transferring positive energy one client at a time. We Are Marvelous. You Deserve To Feel A Marvelous Touch.

Health & Wellness

Swedish Massage

Great for relaxation and reducing anxiety. Slow, gentle strokes that can be customized specific to your needs with light to medium pressure warming the muscles and improving circulation. This form of massage is beneficial for pain management stress relief, increased flexibility. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Use of heavier pressure for deeper penetration of muscles and fascia. Offers pain and tension relief for tight joints and sore muscles using muscle manipulation techniques. This type of massage is typically used for individuals who suffer from acute and/or chronic pain.

Hot stone Massage

Perfect combination of relaxation and deep penetration of the muscles. Heat from the stones provides a relaxing/comforting experience, while assisting in breaking up adhesion's in the muscles using various methods and techniques for optimal elasticity.

sports Massage

Helps muscles prepare for intensity, function well during training, and is also used in rehabilitating injured muscles. This type of massage is used for prevention and healing of injury to muscles and tendons. Stretching and compression's are incorporated into the massage.


A Memorable Touch Of Pleasure & Relaxation

We believe in creating unforgettable experiences and providing positive energy for the well-being of our clients and partners. We share our goals of wellness to our clients and construct a path that leads to peace and serenity.


Click the link below to find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, and to review general information about your visit.


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